"For The Love of Dogs" in Montgomery Texas!

For the Love of Dogs wine made it to Montgomery TX as part of a silent auction donation during Saint Francis Wolf Sanctuary's 3rd Annual Festival of the Wolves on October 4, 2008!

Saint Francis Wolf Sanctuary is a nonprofit registered charity in Montgomery Texas, run by volunteers, created to provide a permanent home where wild and captive born wolves and wolf-dogs may live out the rest of their natural lives safely and comfortably with loving care and attention. These are non-releasable animals that have suffered much and deserve a stable and loving environment.

This lovely basket of For the Love of Dogs wines was donated to the silent auction held in conjunction with the Saint Francis Wolf Sanctuary 3rd Annual Festival of the Wolves & Open Day on October 4, 2008.
Photo courtesy of Barbara Robertson.

These bottles of For the Love of Dogs wines not only raised funds for the EPI research study with their initial purchase from Chateau Morrisette but also contributed to the feeding, care and welfare of the wolves & wolf dogs at SFWS upon their donation and purchase at the silent auction. How wonderful is that? Charitable donations from beginning to end. We are told the wine was a hit in the silent auction.

The wine basket amidst some of the other auction/sale items.
Photo courtesy Saint Francis Wolf Sanctuary.

100% of all fund raising at the Festival of Wolves goes directly to benefit the wolves! The hope is the funds raised this year will enable SFWS to install cooling fans into more of the wolves' log homes, build another enclosure to allow them to take in more wolves, and to continue to provide superior veterinary care, maintain the enclosures and of course feed the wolves. If you would like to help, visit the Saint Francis Wolf Sanctuary website to sponsor a wolf or check out the sanctuary's ebay auctions.

Mystery, one of St Francis Wolf Sanctuary's residents, howling in 2007.
Photo courtesy of Charles Erick and Saint Francis Wolf Sanctuary.

Special thanks to Barbara Robertson for donating the wine to the sanctuary, telling us their story and also, for her volunteer efforts at SFWS. And also to Saint Francis Wolf Sanctuary for the wonderful work they do!

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