Meeting friends because of "For the Love of Dogs"

The following was sent to us by Olesia Kennedy and we have decided to share it as written, in it's entirety.

On November 7, 2008 I had a great time meeting Karen & Don, Hondo (EPI'r) and Miley (Hondo's side kick) on their travels through KY. We talked, we ate, we drank and shared EPI wine, "For the Love of Dogs" raising money for the EPI research. This is the first time Karen and I met, but we felt like we were 'ol friends.... we have shared so much via cyber-space because of of our common interest in EPI, both of our dogs have it. And in our desire to help our dogs, we have made a new friendship.

Finally... I got to meet one of the nicest persons ever!
... this is Karen and and Hondo.
Photo courtesy of Olesia Kennedy.

Karen with Hondo ... and me explaining the alcohol content to "Miley."
Photo courtesy of Olesia Kennedy.

... and Hondo says to Miley "Hey, the coast is clear
they are both outside chatting away!"
Photo courtesy of Olesia Kennedy.

..."uh-oh... i think the room is spinning... this wine is just too yummy."
Photo courtesy of Olesia Kennedy.

...and Miley says "Act natural Hondo, mom & Olesia...
they're coming back inside..."
Photo courtesy of Olesia Kennedy.

...and all obviously had a wonderful time!


"For the Love of Dogs" visits Dog Daze Bakery

Dog Daze Bakery, in conjunction with one of their pet partners Lad's Pet Supplies, recently hosted a seminar by Azmira Holistic Animal Care founder Dr Lisa Newman, N.D., Ph.D. at their North Syracuse store. Dr Newman is a naturopathic Doctor with a Ph.D. in Nutrition and Azmira provides Human Grade Pet Foods, High Potency Herbal Extracts and Homeopathic Flower Remedies. Approximately 40 participants attended the informative seminar which included suggestions on diet, detoxification, nutritional and herbal supplementation. The seminar was followed by a question and answer period opening the discussion to participants' individual situations in regards to Dr Newman's holistic approach.

For the Love of Dogs fund raising wines and fliers made an appearance at the seminar. A bottle of wine was donated to Dave and Ruth Sturgis, owners of Dog Daze Bakery, as a thank you for all they do to support animals in the Syracuse and Central NY area. A bottle of white For the Love of Dogs wine was donated and presented to Dr Newman after the seminar. Dr Newman was interested in the EPI project and took a flier with her.

For the Love of Dogs wines, and fliers, on the hospitality table at a recent seminar with Dr Lisa Newman of Azmira at Dog Daze Bakery in Syracuse, NY.

Dave and Ruth Sturgis, owners of Dog Daze Bakery, have been supporting animals in the Syracuse area for over a decade. Dog Daze sells all-natural, holistic and organic dog and cat food, as well as treats and accessories. More importantly, however, is the knowledge of animal nutrition they openly share and the deep care and concern they have for their four legged customers. You can now find Azmira Holistic Animal Care products at Dog Daze Bakery and Dog Daze currently has two locations in the Syracuse area: 2100 Park St. in the Regional Market plaza (315.475.9595), and at a new second location, 309 S. Main St., North Syracuse (315.410.1278).

Dog Daze Bakery's newest location on South Main Street in North Syracuse NY.

Thanks to Heather Yates of Mac Shilohs for the donation of wine, fliers and story, to Dave and Ruth Sturgis for allowing the wine to be a part of the seminar and fliers left at their store and to all involved in bringing such and interesting and informative seminar to Syracuse.


More Wine Please!!!

Both red and white For the Love of Dogs wine has been a huge hit, however, none of this success would have been possible without the help of so many EPI folks and friends, buying, drinking and promoting... and a huge THANK YOU needs to go to Heather Yates of Candid Paws for setting up this wonderful EPI blog website and to Carol Anne Rayson, for establishing the EPI Global Group.

Because Carol Anne lives in Canada, the wine was not able to be shipped to her directly... so... as the story goes... with the help of some EPI friends... and Izzy the Spanish Water Dog...

"Oh No... we are down to just 2 bottles of wine... and we've got to get some to Heather to get to Trish, to get to Carol Anne's son to get to Carol Anne in Canada!"

"Hey Mom... we need some more wine!"

"Alright... I'LL make the call..."

"Hello... hello??? Is this the Chateau Morrisette Winery ???"

"... they put me on hold... maybe they don't understand dog-speak..."

"Still holding..."

"Success!!! I placed my order and so begins our International Travels with the wine... and more wine is coming for us in Indiana too!

"I just LOVE the red wine.... it's my favorite....hey, maybe you ought to try some too... after all it's for a good cause."

My name is Izzy, I am a Spanish Water Dog and I have EPI. I almost died 2 years ago, but because of the wonderful support my mom received from folks on the EPI Global Group I am still here today. Now we are trying to raise awareness and money to support the research that is being done with EPI so that maybe,someday, others won't have to suffer like I did and like so many others have. Please help!

Lots of Luv & Licks,


"For the Love of Dogs" International Playdate

For the Love of Dogs red and white wines made an appearance in Syracuse NY on October 5th. Wegmans Good Dog Park and Onondaga Lake Park was the site of the Ottawa/Syracuse International Playdate meetup and wine drop! Trish McEachern and her EPI girl Ginger made the trip down from Ottawa CANADA to pick up some For The Love of Dogs wine she had purchased and shipped to Mac Shilohs.

Hamish, whose puppy photo was the basis for the red wine label, and Gareth of Mac Shilohs with Ginger posing with the wine at Onondaga Lake Park in Syracuse, NY.
Photo courtesy of Heather Yates, Candid Paws.

Time was spent chatting, walking the park, taking photos and enjoying the "Dog Park" while there. And of course, making the wine drop for it's trip to Canada where it was legally claimed at the border and duty paid.

Ginger proudly showing her Canadian patriotism posing with "For the Love of Dogs" white wine.
Photo courtesy of Heather Yates, Candid Paws.

The "kids" enjoying their time together; Hamish, Gareth and Ginger.
Photo courtesy of Heather Yates, Candid Paws.

See what happens when too much wine is shared? Gareth and Ginger making friends.
Photo courtesy of Heather Yates, Candid Paws.

Thanks to Olesia for sending up Carol Anne's wine, to Heather and the Mac Shilohs for being the central dropping point and to Trish and Ginger for making the trip down, taking some wine back and spending a lovely Sunday afternoon in CNY. But mostly to Trish for going the extra mile (or few hundred) to support the EPI Research Fund project and For the Love of Dogs wine!

Ginger trying to ignore the geese in the water while posting with the "For the Love of Dogs" wines.
Photo courtesy of Heather Yates, Candid Paws.


"For The Love of Dogs" in Montgomery Texas!

For the Love of Dogs wine made it to Montgomery TX as part of a silent auction donation during Saint Francis Wolf Sanctuary's 3rd Annual Festival of the Wolves on October 4, 2008!

Saint Francis Wolf Sanctuary is a nonprofit registered charity in Montgomery Texas, run by volunteers, created to provide a permanent home where wild and captive born wolves and wolf-dogs may live out the rest of their natural lives safely and comfortably with loving care and attention. These are non-releasable animals that have suffered much and deserve a stable and loving environment.

This lovely basket of For the Love of Dogs wines was donated to the silent auction held in conjunction with the Saint Francis Wolf Sanctuary 3rd Annual Festival of the Wolves & Open Day on October 4, 2008.
Photo courtesy of Barbara Robertson.

These bottles of For the Love of Dogs wines not only raised funds for the EPI research study with their initial purchase from Chateau Morrisette but also contributed to the feeding, care and welfare of the wolves & wolf dogs at SFWS upon their donation and purchase at the silent auction. How wonderful is that? Charitable donations from beginning to end. We are told the wine was a hit in the silent auction.

The wine basket amidst some of the other auction/sale items.
Photo courtesy Saint Francis Wolf Sanctuary.

100% of all fund raising at the Festival of Wolves goes directly to benefit the wolves! The hope is the funds raised this year will enable SFWS to install cooling fans into more of the wolves' log homes, build another enclosure to allow them to take in more wolves, and to continue to provide superior veterinary care, maintain the enclosures and of course feed the wolves. If you would like to help, visit the Saint Francis Wolf Sanctuary website to sponsor a wolf or check out the sanctuary's ebay auctions.

Mystery, one of St Francis Wolf Sanctuary's residents, howling in 2007.
Photo courtesy of Charles Erick and Saint Francis Wolf Sanctuary.

Special thanks to Barbara Robertson for donating the wine to the sanctuary, telling us their story and also, for her volunteer efforts at SFWS. And also to Saint Francis Wolf Sanctuary for the wonderful work they do!


For the Love of Dogs wine visits K9 C.A.R.E.

Recently Hamish, the Shiloh Shepherd on the For the Love of Dogs red wine label, visited the K9 C.A.R.E. facility in Spencerport NY, a suburb of Rochester NY. K9 C.A.R.E. is a state of the art facility offering deep water swimming for dogs, for health, for fun, for life. K9 C.A.R.E. = Canine Aquatic Rehabilitative Exercise.

Hamish, of Mac Shilohs in CNY, posing in his life jacket with some bottles of "For the Love of Dogs" wine in the pool area of K9 C.A.R.E.
Photo courtesy of Heather Yates, Candid Paws.

Hamish, and his Shiloh Shepherd brother Gareth, took two separate sessions in the pool over two days. The sessions were for fun, exposure to a new experience and also for a bit of exercise. Hamish took to the water like he was born to it. Gareth was also gliding through the water by the end of his second session once he realized he didn't need to beat the water into submission. What a great experience for the boys and Bill (who swims the dogs) is like a dog whisperer. The dogs take to him immediately and you can see the trust building between Bill and his doggie clients as the swim sessions progress. Bill joins the dogs in the pool, guiding them through their session, all the while monitoring their breathing, heart rate, stress levels and overall well being. Bill refers to himself as their [the dogs] "island" in the pool.

Hamish of Mac Shilohs in CNY, sharing a moment with K9 C.A.R.E.'s Bill — their very own dog whisperer.
Photo courtesy of Heather Yates, Candid Paws.

Gareth of Mac Shilohs, gliding through the water at K9 C.A.R.E.
Photo courtesy of Heather Yates, Candid Paws.

No doggies drank any wine before swimming, they obviously waited an hour before going into the pool. All joking aside it's again all just photos taken for fun.

Hamish, taking his first few strokes in the pool at K9 C.A.R.E.
Photo courtesy of Heather Yates, Candid Paws.


Ramapo Rescue Dog Association Banquet

"For the Love of Dogs" wine was featured at a recent banquet following a weekend seminar with internationally famous dog trainer, author, Schutzhund competitor and Malinois breeder Ivan Balabanov.

"For the Love of Dogs" red wine pictured above with (l. to r.) Penny Sullivan, Ivan Balabanov, and Tim Sullivan.
Photo courtesy of Marilyn Wilson.

The clinic, held at Harriman State Park in NY, was hosted by Penny and Tim Sullivan of Ramapo Rescue Dog Association. The Ramapo Rescue Dog Association is a volunteer search and rescue organization that utilizes air-scenting German Shepherd Dogs to help locate missing individuals in wilderness and disaster situations.

Ramapo Rescue Dog Association's Ivan Balabanov Seminar.
Photo courtesy of Marilyn Wilson.

Special thanks to Marilyn Wilson for sending us the information and allowing us to share these great photos!


Imladris Shilohs welcomes "For the Love of Dogs" to West Virginia

Avril Williams of Imladris Shilohs in West Virginia and Maryland sent in this great photo series of two of her Shiloh Shepherds and the "For the Love of Dogs" wine bottles after receiving her order from Chateau Morrisette.

Ariel, a Shiloh Shepherd recently diagnosed with EPI owned by Avril Williams, posing with the wine Avril purchased to support research into the genetics of EPI.
Photo courtesy of Imladris Shilohs.

Let the taste testing begin, Ariel giving Hamish (on the label) a kiss.
Photo courtesy of Imladris Shilohs.

Ariel, two bottles opened and down.
Photo courtesy of Imladris Shilohs.

Apparently Strider, another of the Imladris Shiloh Shepherds, helped polish off two more bottles from the case! *hiccup*
Photo courtesy of Imladris Shilohs.

Strider wiped out after the testing.
Photo courtesy of Imladris Shilohs.

Obviously the Imladris Shilohs did not actually drink the wine — nor will we speculate who did! And we certainly do not suggest any canines partake in taste testing the wine, it's all just photos in good fun. Thank you Avril for sharing them!


We're not here to update you on the EPI Research Fund or the status of the research project; we're here to celebrate the EPI fund-raising wine project: "For the Love of Dogs."

Well then, how did this blog come about you ask? It all started as we were so pleasantly surprised at the response the "For the Love of Dogs" wine project was getting. We've received interest from folks wanting to know if they could leave a bottle or two at their vet's office, at different training clubs, doggie day care centers and a lot of folks wanting to donate them to raffle tables — just a lot of wonderful ideas. Our answer remains, if they let you — GO FOR IT!

Folks have also inquired regarding getting it into restaurants, using it for gifts and even using it as their wine of choice at banquets as a lot of dog clubs have annual banquets with their National Specialties. Just so many ideas we hadn't thought about and figured it might inspire others as well if we shared them. So we knew we would enjoy hearing about, and seeing, the fruits of your labors and thought a blog would be a wonderful way to share it with everyone. And so "The Traveling Trails, Tails & Tales of EPI Wine" blog was born.

BUT — you know there is always a but — we kept thinking about it and realized we shouldn't just limit it to photos of displays. We're sure many of you have heard of, and may have even participated in, the "Flat Stanley" project where grade school students created "Flat Stanley" paper dolls and sent them off with family and friends to their various jobs, on vacation, and the like, documenting his adventures with photos and stories. I've seen pictures of "Flat Stanley" doing all sorts of things from working a day at the vet's office, spending a day at Disney World, going to the Oscars and even Flat Stanley at the White House. So we got to thinking, why not do something like that with the wine as well.

So get your cameras ready! We are putting the call out to all of our supporters to show us where the wine has traveled. Is it at your vet's office? At your training club,? On a raffle table? Posed with your canine friends? Did it go on vacation with you? Is it with all of you in front of a landmark? The possibilities are endless and only limited by your imagination!

This will be as successful and as fun as we all make it. We're excited to hear — and see — the adventures and ideas from all of you!

Be creative, be humorous, have fun and take photos to send in with your captions or stories to "The Traveling Trails, Tails & Tales of EPI Wine." We will graciously plug websites or contact information of businesses, clubs, etc. who have supported the wine, just include it in the information submitted for consideration for the blog. Submissions can be sent to epiwineblog@gmail.com

Thank you all so very much and let the games begin . . .