Meeting friends because of "For the Love of Dogs"

The following was sent to us by Olesia Kennedy and we have decided to share it as written, in it's entirety.

On November 7, 2008 I had a great time meeting Karen & Don, Hondo (EPI'r) and Miley (Hondo's side kick) on their travels through KY. We talked, we ate, we drank and shared EPI wine, "For the Love of Dogs" raising money for the EPI research. This is the first time Karen and I met, but we felt like we were 'ol friends.... we have shared so much via cyber-space because of of our common interest in EPI, both of our dogs have it. And in our desire to help our dogs, we have made a new friendship.

Finally... I got to meet one of the nicest persons ever!
... this is Karen and and Hondo.
Photo courtesy of Olesia Kennedy.

Karen with Hondo ... and me explaining the alcohol content to "Miley."
Photo courtesy of Olesia Kennedy.

... and Hondo says to Miley "Hey, the coast is clear
they are both outside chatting away!"
Photo courtesy of Olesia Kennedy.

..."uh-oh... i think the room is spinning... this wine is just too yummy."
Photo courtesy of Olesia Kennedy.

...and Miley says "Act natural Hondo, mom & Olesia...
they're coming back inside..."
Photo courtesy of Olesia Kennedy.

...and all obviously had a wonderful time!